Friday, September 23, 2016

Reading Comprehension Questions for Barbie Thumbelina by Diane Wright Landolf (Level 2)

Title: Barbie Thumbelina
Author: Diane Wright Landolf
Level: 2
Published: January 13, 2009
Buy Link: Amazon

Blurb: BarbieTM presents the beautiful and tiny Thumbelina in a new rendition of the classic children’s story.

This Step 2 book follows the story of the movie, using basic vocabulary and short sentences.


1) Who are Thumbelina's best friends?
2) What are Makena's parents going to do?
3) What do the Twillerbees make grow over the trucks?
4) What does Thumbelina make for Makena?


1) Chrysella and Janessa
2) Dig up the field to build a factory.
3) Vines
4) A garden

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